**Regarding COVID-19** Here at CE we acknowledge everyone’s worry. We will be taking extra precautions to make sure everything is clean and sanitized before every incall. Models will not be coming into work if they show even the smallest sign of illness. Rest assured that there will be no risk to you when booking with us 🙂 We hope you all stay safe in these crazy times!

August 2nd – August 8th


Jessie 11am-5pm

Skyla 12pm-5pm

Kylie 2pm-7pm (Oakville)

Tatiana 6pm-12am


Jessie 11am-5pm

Skyla 12pm-5pm

Kaci 12pm-9pm (Oncall)

Destiny 2pm-8/11-12am

Natalie 6pm-12am


Kailee 11am-5pm

Kylie 11am-5pm (Oakville)

Destiny 2pm-8pm/11pm-2am

Tatiana 6pm-2am


Jessie 11am-5pm

Chanel 12pm-12am

Destiny 2pm-8pm/11pm-2am

Natalie 6pm-2am


Celine 12pm-5pm (Incalls Only)

Chanel 12pm-12am

Kylie 12pm-8pm (Oakville)

Destiny 12pm-10pm

Kaci 4pm-4am (Oncall)


Jessie 12pm-7pm

Chanel 12pm-4am

Tatiana 6pm-4am

Kaci 6pm-4am (Oncall)